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How to Setup a Business Account

This post is designed for business owners who are wishing to get involved with Oxbux.


This tutorial will walk you through how to setup a business account on Oxbux. By the end of this you should be ready to take payments on Oxbux.

STEP 01: Download Oxbux App

Download the Oxbux Business app from the app store. The app can be found in the apple and google play app stores.


STEP 02: Fill out this Form

Please fill out this form. Then we will contact you with the final details to setup your account.

Disclaimer: We ask for your cellphone number so we can reachout to setup your account. This number will NOT be visible to customers.

Business Sign-up
Upload Menu
Benefits I would take advantage of:

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

STEP 03: We will reach out!

Wait for us to follow up with you from here! We will get back to you within you in less than 24hrs!

In the meantime here is more information on how many businesses use Oxbux for in person payments:


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