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The Payment and Rewards app of Oxford

Oxford is now the easiest place to shop, sip, dine, and get together. Place mobile orders, make contactless payments, and close dine-in tabs at your convenience with Oxbux.


Life in Oxford Should be Spent Having a Good Time, Not Paying for It

Support independent businesses in Oxford and spare yourself from hassle. Place grab-and-go orders for lattes, sandwiches, outfits, and more—all from one app. Sit down at restaurants and bars, and close your tab when you are ready, from the convenience of your phone, without having to wave down servers. Oxbux helps the indie shops that give this town its life and lets you focus on fun.

How it Works

Mobile Orders

Be a local in the know and skip the lines. Place orders from your phone anytime. Then grab that cupcake, cappuccino, book, or baseball glove when you’re ready to relax and indulge.


Universal Rewards

Shop at ANY Oxbux location, build up points in one big universal fund, and cash them in at any location. One town, one big 'ol stash of reward points for all


Open Tab

Sit down in the town’s restaurants and bars, and go at your own pace. Open your tab through Oxbux and close it when you want. Pay, tip, and have a digital receipt the instant you’re ready to be on to the next spot.

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Gift Cards

OXBUX Gift Cards

Oxbux is excited to offer giftcards for purchase. Whether you are a parent wanting to support your student, or wanting to provide a gift to someone, it is the perfect way to support local and others.


Earn Rewards with Every Purchase

A lot of small businesses give out loyalty rewards to thank you for your support. Now they do it through Oxbux, so you receive, track, and redeem your points all through one app. But the fun doesn't stop there. Each of your Oxbux purchases earns you points, entry to local drawings, and more.


How To's


Business Owner?

Join the golden era for independent business in Oxford. Launch your Oxbux for Business account today.

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